Luma Launched!

Wow. Today we unveiled Luma, the project I’ve been working on for most of the last year. We’re going to completely change the way that people feel about their WiFi. We’re building on the mesh concepts that have been used in some enterprise and industrial uses, and bringing them into homes. And since our founding team all have a long history in cybersecurity they’ll be no shortage of security and control features.

Scripting APKs With Ruby

While many of my colleagues were away at Blackhat, Defcon, and Bsides Las Vegas I decided to spend a day exploring through an Android app. I became interested in this particular app due to it being the “official” app of a popular web service that included some functionality not exposed to end users through the API that they’ve provided and this annoyed me, as I was reasonably sure that some spammers on this web service were using this functionality and I was interested to see just how difficult it was to do.

Twitter, OAuth, and Client Restrictions

Over the last 24 or so hours theres been a lot of commentary on Twitter reitterating their policy that developers should not implement full twitter clients. This should have come as a suprise to no one, but seems to have kicked off a lot of ire in the dev community, nearly all of it misplaced, Yes, Twitter gained a lot in its early days from having a warm relationship with developers, and yes its a shame that they’re moving away from that stance, but at the same time they’ve made some very nice contributions back to the OSS community, Bootstrap is a godsend for people like me who haven’t invested the time to design things well.

String::hash Inconsistencies in Matz Ruby

Last night ruby stole back a few of those hours that it has saved me over the years, and made me feel like I was going just a little crazy in the process of doing it. So in the interest of documenting my failures and maybe saving you a few moments here’s a braindump of the events. I’ve been working on an implementation of a countsketch data structure for a stream consumption project I’ve been working on.

Gossip Columnist Malware

That old quote from Twain about the lie getting halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on. Turns out the same thing happens even if the truth has a couple years head start. This week yours truly was mentioned in not only a entertainment article, but also perezhilton. Truly odd times. Anyways, just to clarify, I said as much as 20-25% of searches on google/twitter/bing/yahoo for trending topics/popular terms will have malicious links somewhere in their results.