Luma Has Been Acquired

Earlier this month Luma was acquired by Newell (Fortune #208). Our team will be joining First Alert, Newell’s security and safety division, to build connected products under the OneLink brand. I’m excited that all of the engineers and product managers on my team will be coming along to Newell to make sure that our fleet of Lumas continue to be well taken care of.

We announced the first OneLink device that will include Luma’s software at CES last week, and I cannot wait to get it launched later this year.

Thank you all so much for the amazing support over the last 3 years! It has been an amazing journey to make something from nothing with a helluva team, build a business while learning from one of the best, and create a product that so many of you have in your homes. I’m excited to continue doing it in a similar role at First Alert!