Gossip Columnist Malware

That old quote from Twain about the lie getting halfway around the world before the truth puts its pants on. Turns out the same thing happens even if the truth has a couple years head start.

This week yours truly was mentioned in not only a foxnews.com entertainment article, but also perezhilton. Truly odd times.

Anyways, just to clarify, I said as much as 20-25% of searches on google/twitter/bing/yahoo for trending topics/popular terms will have malicious links somewhere in their results. And likely to be significantly less for searches about this particular starlet as she’s been popular for a while and all the gossip sites have quite a high search ranking for her already, the more out of the ordinary/uncommon something is the easier it is to game the search engines. Not that I expect the clarification to make any difference, but there it is.

As the boss says, on my way to becoming the TMZ of security.