First 5k

Today I am thankful for the process, and the markers along the way.

The last few months I have been working towards getting healthier. I realize that it is not something that is never going to end, but it is nice to celebrate doing the things that I’ve never done before. Today that thing was being part of an organized 5k, the ubiqitious Thanksgiving morning Turkey Trot, and the 40 degree weather that came along with it.

My goal was to finish under 35 minutes, since that would be 90 seconds faster than I had run during my training. It turns out that the desire to not get passed by 7 year olds is a strong motivator for me since I finished with a chip time of 33 minutes and 38 seconds beating my previous PR by nearly 3 full minutes.

Even if this is a small win, it was a meaningful for me.